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Citrus dust

Citrus dust

Citrus dust is about to become your new favourite for all your skincare & food recipes!

Repurpose your leftover citrus peels into silky dust to use in baking, sprinkled over cakes for a pretty decoration or added to your favourite smoothie.

Lemon dust can be used in place of lemon zest when a recipe calls for it, especially when the fruits out of season.

I like to separate out my citrus peels so when a recipe calls for lime zest I have my lime dust on hand!



Citrus peels of any sort - well washed



  • Wash peels well & either leave to air dry until completely free of moisture or oven-dry on 50c for 40 mins until free from mositure
  • Blend until a fine dust in blender.
  • Store for up to 6 months in a clean jar


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