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12 Earth loving resolutions for 2023

12 Earth loving resolutions for 2023

Now I’m not one for resolutions at the start of each year BUT I do love inspiration that creates lasting change.  Here are 12 eco resolutions to take you into a fresh earth loving year.

Make changes that work for you

At the top of the list for good reason. My waste reduction will look completely different to yours & that’s ok! We don’t all have the same access to places that help reduce our waste, same budget, time or energy so comparing your journey to another’s will only set you back. Be gentle &celebrate ALL of your changes. They need to work for you to become lasting habits.


When we start looking at ways to reduce our waste, we can get caught up in all the “eco” goodies out there but chances are you already have something on hand that could do the job just as well!

Do you need that fancy compost bin or would the old plastic container sitting in the back of your cupboard do the trick? I used an old plastic container for 6 years as my compost scrap bin until it fell apart & I replaced it. Purchasing new, even eco goodies is still using valuable resources so consider what you have before you purchase.

DIY things you use often

I LOVE a DIY & in fact it’s how I started hosting workshops & created my natural skincare range & online workshops.  Not everyone loves to or has the time to DIY so here are some suggestions to make it easier. Choose your fav DIY’s & find a buddy to swap DIY’s & share the load. Make items larger quantities to store or freeze; Bliss balls are perfect for this! My go-to skin DIY is the Calendula body oil.  Made using 3 ingredients you’ll have a nourishing oil that can be used as a body, bath, baby or massage oil & even a makeup remover.

Take your reusables

A simple one to adopt & I can’t tell you how much plastic waste I have refused with them but remembering them is key. I have a cutlery pouch in my handbag (straw, spork, knife) & a larger kit in my car, my car kit. It’s contents are fluid but generally it’s a set of cutlery, a cup for hot/cold drinks, shopping bags, including produce bags, a lidded container for emergency pastries, leftovers for takeaways & the odd jar, for whatever! Create it specific to your needs & the more you use it the more refined it will become.  Just ensure it goes back to its spot after use so pop it near the door when its washed.

Reduce Junk mail

100 million trees are used for junk mail every year in the US alone so adding a “No junk mail” sticker can deter unwanted advertising & save a whole lot of beautiful carbon soaking trees!

Swap or sell your unloved things

Have items you don’t use anymore but your charity store is overflowing? See if there are any upcoming boot sales in your area. Perfect to move your things along & make a little cash on the side. Organise a clothing swap with friends or at your local school, you never know what could be an absolute treasure for someone else!  Use your local online marketplace options. Listing them for a small amount or even free will see them snapped up in no time!

 Repurpose scraps before you compost

Could you give that food scrap another use before it heads to compost heaven?  Citrus peels make a wonderful scrap cleaner, vegetable peels an excellent cooking stock & coffee grounds, a luxurious body scrub.  Repurposing all of our resources honours all parts of the growing process & connects us back to simpler values. Head here to find a bundle of DIYs for inspiration.


Things break, (hello planned obsolesce), but before your throw it out consider if it could be fixed. If you’re not handy ask around or look for “Repair sheds”. They are becoming more common & it’s so satisfying to see items get a second chance at life.


I know, I know this has been frowned upon in the past but why waste a good gift when valuable resources were used to create it. If you feel uncomfortable regifting, add your own special touches or a little something else to go with it. Make it your gift to share!

 Shop consciously & local

Think before you buy. Is it something you need or want? While sales are tempting you may just be buying for the sake of the bargain, especially the case on the 2 for 1 deals! Use sale times wisely & to your advantage on big-ticket items like that long overdue mattress & invest in better quality items where you can so they last longer. Support your local markets, small businesses & stores. I can tell you amazon doesn’t need your hard-earned money, but your local store will celebrate it!

 Eat what’s on hand

Eating your leftovers or taking them for your lunch the next day will save a bundle of waste & cash. The same goes for what’s in your pantry so once a month make it a task to cook from your pantry rather than heading to the shops. It’s a great way to keep on top of expiry dates too. Before shopping see what’s left in your fridge & get creative. My tastiest meals have come from inventive cooking!

 Get out & enjoy nature

This is defiantly by no means the least important resolution but I’ve popped it at the end so it sticks with you.  Getting out & connecting with your local surrounds reminds us why we are working to create change, no matter how big or small & gives us much needed time out for self-care time.  The old saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” applies & when you have more space for yourself, you’ll have more energy to put into caring for those around you & our precious earth.

 Originally published for the amazing folk at Waste Free Planet 2022 Winter Edition. Pop over & check out their goodness!

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