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Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls

Nut & Date Bliss balls

This recipe is a rough guide for Bliss Balls. I tend to biff in whatever I have in the pantry until its tastes nice & can be rolled into a firm ball without falling apart. Go crazy & experiment, its a super opportunity to use up all those random jars!

Total Time: 40 min


1.5 c. of Nuts - cashews are great for a caramel vibe + almonds + walnuts are tasty too

1/2 c. seeds - pepitas or sunflower seeds

1 c. of Medjool Dates, with seeds removed

2 Tbsp of Chia Seeds - natures little brooms

2 Tbsp Cacao powder - excellent for that arvo choco hit!

2 Tbsp of Hemp seeds - optional but a great super food

sesame seeds, shredded Coconut or cacoa powder for rolling


  1. Blend Nuts in food processor to whatever texture you fancy. I like a little crush to mine.

  2. Pop the Dates in the processor & pulse until they are roughly chopped + mixed with nuts.

  3. Add the remaining ingredients & blend to mix. The mixture should be moist & form a nice ball when rolled. If the balls don’t stick add a little more of the wet ingredients, if too sticky a little more of the dry stuff…simple!

  4. With wet hands roll them into small balls about 25g, 2 or two bites worth.

  5. Lastly roll half the balls in the sesame seeds, coconut, or cacoa.

  6. Pop them on a flat plate & into the fridge for a few hours to firm up before storing them in your favourite jar. These also store really well in the freezer so make a double batch to save you time + dishes!

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