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10 ways to slow down for wellbeing

10 ways to slow down for wellbeing
In our “busy is better society” we don’t often afford ourselves the space to slow down. It can be seen as something indulgent or that you just don’t have the time for, but to avoid health concerns down the track its imperative.

Slowing down & taking time for ourselves helps to reset our sympathetic nervous system leaving us feeling calmer & nourishing our overall wellbeing.

Here are some ways you can slow down & nourish yourself.


  1. Put down your phone.

So much of our “busy” comes from being attentive to our phone. We see a text message or a notification & may feel the need to reply immediately. Checking our emails or socials on the frequent may only be a few mins here or there but it keeps us switched on. Turning your phone on silent for even an hour can be somewhat liberating.


  1. Have a cup of tea.

Taking 20 mins out of a busy day to sit with a hot cup of herbal tea can be very calming. Sipping warm liquid is known to lower stress levels & calm nerves. Taking the time to enjoy a cuppa without distraction (especially phones) has the ability to begin to reset our nervous system.


  1. Spend time in nature.

It goes without saying that recharging in nature has calming effects. Studies have shown that exposure to nature can regulate the sympathetic nervous system in as little as five minutes. Going for a walk in the bush or sitting on a park seat & engaging all 5 senses in your environment will refresh you.


  1. Ground yourself.

If this is a practice you are unfamiliar with now is the time to start. At the end of my morning shower, I close my eyes, & take the time to really feel my feet on the earth. I take some deep belly breaths & connect in with my body. If you have the time do this practice outside with bare feet pressed into the grass, you will really feel the charge of the earth. Imagine your feet growing roots into the earth, close your eyes, take deep breaths & allow yourself to be held by her.


  1. Use essential oils in the shower.

Scent has the power to shift our mindset. Another regular practice of mine is using essential oils in the shower. Add one drop to the bottom of a hot steamy shower & the heat will aid in releasing the scent, enveloping you in its healing properties.

Sweet orange is an uplifting way to start your day while lavender is perfect at the end to unwind & get ready for bed.


  1. Pamper yourself weekly.

Dedicating some time to looking after your body has a healing effect on the spirit & it doesn’t need to be overly indulgent. 

Give my DIY Coffee body scrub a try in the shower when you fancy a pep up or my CALM sleep mist to recalibrate throughout the day. These small acts can make all the difference to both mind AND body.


  1. Focus on being present.

Whatever the task, aim to be present. A challenging one as the mind loves to wander but even a few minutes will be helpful. Washing the dishes is not one of my favourite jobs but as I wash them, I really focus on each movement. It not only has a calming effect but helps me get through a job I don’t fancy.


  1. Leave your work at work.

This one is self-explanatory. There will always be something to finish & maybe there are days where you need to complete things after hours but setting yourself boundaries is an act of selfcare.  Ensure you have work free nights & keep the weekends work free if possible. We need downtime to recalibrate & your wellbeing will thank you for it.


  1. Be unproductive.

Take a day to do nothing. Leave the to-do lists & let the day take you were it wants. Head out for a walk, take a drive to a new spot with a picnic. It doesn’t need to be overly indulgent just enjoy not being & not doing.


  1. Breathe

Seems pretty self-explanatory but when we are in a stressed or anxious state, we tend to favour shallow breathing.  Breathing deeply into our bellies is important for our sympathetic nervous system to regulate. It can shift your body from a fight or flight & into a calmer start.

Using numbered breathing can be helpful in times of stress.  For example, breath slowly into your belly for 4 breaths, hold for 2, breath slowly out for 4 letting the breath empty completely. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable. A few rounds of this will go a long way in calming your system.

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