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PFJ Tip : Invest in a Reusable Razor

PFJ Tip : Invest in a Reusable Razor

Now I couldn’t find any conclusive stats for how many of these get used & binned every year but the info did find suggested it could be up to 2 billion!!! Thats a whole lot of unnecessary plastic! 

Solution – Embrace your hair & don’t shave! 

Kidding, if that’s your thing go for it, but I prefer a little shaving myself.

Better & less hairy solution – invest in a reusable razor ...

The prices start from about $20. I splashed on the $30 version & it works a treat.  Initially the case is plastic but from there on it stainless steel all the way.

The reusable blades come in a little cardboard box & wrapped individually in paper which has a old world kinda feel, little parcels of shaving joy.  The Razor is much funkier than its plastic counterpart as well & feels much nicer in the hand.

I’ve found the blades last me around 3-4 months before I need to change them & at a cost of $5 per box or $1 per blade they win hands down over disposable blades/razors. I priced a 4pk of Schick Hydro Silk Razor Blades at $19.95 or $4.98 a blade.  Four times as expensive as the reusable metal ones & thats not taking into account the environmental waste cost.

Those things are ridiculously expensive & if you hadn’t noticed they change more for the female version.  Clearly Pink costs more?!

You can also swap the Shaving cream (if that’s your gig) for plain old bar soap, or if you want a little more moisture, coconut oil works a treat.  I like as little fuss as possible though so I stick to whatever bar soap I’m using at the time & the coconut oil goes on after the shower as my moisturiser.

How about the “safety” of these fellows?  First time using I slowed it right down & was super careful to to lose any layers but a year on in & I’m quite the pro.  Well in the sense that I don’t slice myself up, in fact in that time I’ve really only had about 5 little nicks the whole…pretty standard I think from what i can remember from my plastic razor shaving days.

I find the shave is much much closer as well, win!  Less time shaving & more time doing other things, more winning!

My recommendation is to take the plunge, you won’t be sorry.  I’ve saved lots of $$$ & reduced my plastic by not having the disposable blades. 

Happy Plastic free shaving peeps, you will love it!

Much Love & I hope you are enjoying your Plastic Free July!

S xx

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