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The Keeper

The Keeper

Lets talk lady bits!  Apologies’ if you are new to this blog but I’m going to dive right into a juicy topic!

I’ve been contemplating writing this post for quite some time now but I thought it might be a little of an over-share.  However, I was encouraged by a friends decision to switch to a more sustainable option to get busy with the writing in the hope of recruiting some new “Moon-cuppians”.

About 3 or so months into my year of Plastic free living I decided to take the plunge & purchase a menstrual cup. 

What’s this you ask?

Well, its a nifty wee cup that you pop up your lady parts to catch your cycle over the standard chemical cocktail of tampons or sanitary pads. 

If your weren’t aware, unless you are opting for organic products, you are sticking a minefield of nasty chemicals into a rather delicate & highly permeable area.   Plasticizing chemicals like BPA & BPS, Phthalates, chlorine, trihalomethane, dioxin (a known carcinogen), GMO’s, pesticides & DEHP which in my book, if you cant pronounce,  can’t be good for you.  These are linked to all manner of nasty things like Immune system suppression, hormonal & endocrine system disruption to name a couple. That’s not to mention the waste created when using these products.  F**k that right!  *If you want to know more about that business though have a read of this article. 

So I took the plunge & I’ve got to admit, I was pretty apprehensive about it.   In my early 20’s, a friend & I  had joked about this crazy looking contraption after coming across it in a chemist.  I never imagined that 15 years later I would be singing its praises where I could……sometimes in situations which perhaps did not call for it! 

After using Google to its full researching capabilities I settled on this fellow – The Keeper.

There’s a variety of them on the market; The MooncupThe Divacup or Juju to name a few, so find what best suits your needs.  I chose the Keeper because it’s made from natural rubber which off course fits the whole plastic free business nicely.   The other option is the medical grade silicone, but its entirely up to what you feel comfortable with. 

So this wee fellow arrived in the post & I have to say there was a certain amount of trepidation about how this contraption would fit into my life (& urmmm, other places!). The first time I tried it, it was fairly hassle free, although the tip about releasing the suction in the instructions before removing it is a very VERYvaluable tip.  Note release suction first! 

Fast forward a year & a half & I cant live without this Plastic free option.  Aside from the health benefits of not using a chemical cocktail,  the plastic & landfill savings are astronomical!  A woman can use up to 20 per cycle or 240 tampons per year which equates to approximately 9600 her entire menstrual cycle. 

I was spending about $14 per cycle (on organic products) so I potentailly could save over $13,000 over my lifetime!  Well worth the $50 price tag aye.

It took me a few goes to get it down pat but I now use it during yoga or the gym & have no issues with it when out & about.   Most of the time I forget I even have it in.   The biggest bonus has been using it when travelling.  I can keep it in all day, saving the hassle of finding a loo to swap tampons & dispose of them thoughtfully, saves on luggage space too!  I have to say we really bonded in my recent trip to Vietnam.   Being stuck on a sleeper bus, in the middle of a flood zone for 15+ hrs, with no bathroom (no place to swap or dispose of tampons) could’ve been a real nightmare but with my trusty Keeper cup, disaster was averted.  Squat loos are not made with the cycle in mind!

So there you have it, overshare or not this invention is an absolute lifesaver, with my only regret being that I didn’t try it sooner. 

So if you been contemplating it for a while I urge you to take the plunge!  Note though, when you find fellow “Moon-cuppians”  you will spend hours talking about its goodness!!

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions at all about it.

Much love Sarah (very fond Keeper lover) xx

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