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Vegetable scrap stock

Vegetable scrap stock

This recipe is my all-time favourite when it comes to repurposing scraps. Creating your own stocks also saves endless amounts of packaging which often come in foil or tetra paks which are near impossible to recycle & you know exactly what's in the stock.



Carrot, onion & garlic tops, tails & skins, celery stalks - avoid bitter veg 

2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

Whole peppercorns & herbs

optional- Chicken bones

Slow cooker or large pot, water to fill



  1. Add ingredients to pot or slow cooker.
  2. Simmer in slow cooker for 12 hrs (veg) 24 hrs (with bones).
  3. Strain off veges & compost.
  4. Add stock to jars or containers, label & freeze for up to 6mths, leave 1in headroom.
  5. This is also the perfect base for a simple vege broth.

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