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Naked Balm

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The BASE BALM is a multi-tasking unscented skin food that nourishes all over. Use on body & face to soothe irritated skin including eczema, cracked nipples, heals or anything else that needs some love. Thick & rich a little goes a long way with this balm & can be used for multiple tasks!

~ Body balm - all-over coverage

~ Nighttime face balm - a light coverage to feed the skin whist you catch some z’s

~ Lip balm - a touch to moisten & gloss

~ Nipple balm - rubbed gently over cracked nipples as needed

~ Baby butts - natural oils to provide a moisture barrier & butters to soothe

~ Hair conditioner - a touch in the ends prior to washing or ocean swimming

~ Skin conditions - eczema, psoriasis & irritated skin

~ Sensitive skin - no nasties, no scents, no oils to irritate

~ Cracked heals - pop a light layer over & pop those feet up to rest!

NOTE - This product contains Hemp oil. Please ensure your country allows this ingredient when purchasing outside Australia

Absolute simple skin food!

You can also choose to use the balm as a base to add your own oils too, using the guide below. Choose sweet citrus oils for an everyday moisturizer, peppermint for an invigorating lip balm or citronella to ward off the summertime bugs!

Small batch made by hand mindfully on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with love & is completely free from, toxins, aluminium, parabens, talc’s, palm oils, or other nasty stuff, it’s proudly vegan & cruelty-free.

This Balm is good for all the things! Use is as a basic moisturiser, lip balm, foot treatment, hair treatment or hand saver. A small amount goes a long way with this balm which will leave a soft slight sheen to your skin & lock in moisture.

Glass jars are recyclable & the aluminium lids are infinitely recyclable but we prefer you give them a good wash & repurpose them for all the bits & bobs.

Love*, unrefined Shea Butter,* coconut oil*, virgin hemp seed oil*, candelilla wax - *denotes certified organic - 85% organic ingredients

100% Plant Based

Toxin-free + nasty stuff free

Earth Friendly Packaging

Home compostable/recyclable tubes. Reusable/recyclable glass. Infinitely recyclable aluminium tins

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Not tested on animals - only family + friends

Wondering about Wanderlightly?

Wondering about Wanderlightly?

See what our customers have to say >>>

I've tried many varieties of skin moisturisers in my long life. This product is the only body bar that is able to eliminate the dryness and scale on my legs and arms. I've been using it after my bath every night. My skin just drinks it up.

Janice Morrell


Smells so good, and is the only bicarbonate free and plastic free deodorant that has worked for me. My only issue is that it melts really quickly, but it can be avoided by just keeping it out of the sun. Luna is the BEST!!



I couldn't wait to use the Rejuvenate when it arrived. I wanted to see if it worked. It's working! With summer on its way my mature skin needed all the help it could get with coping with the harsh summer ahead. I'm glad I've bought 2 of this product. My face just drinks up the Rejuvenate.

Janice Morrell


I tie my hair up a lot, am in the water regularly and live a 'salty-seadog' lifestyle, so my hair gets a bit of a battering. This is great for giving the ends a bit of love and care. Thank you for all you create and all that you do x



Perfect to use in place of shampoo bottles. Have found other bars drying but this has a nice conditioning element to it. Don't need to use much to get a nice lather & find I can get away with one wash twice a week.

Cindi Clarke


Lovely self care number which was perfect to use while soaking in the bath. The Cacao smells so good & my skin felt lovely & clean afterwards. Thanks for the pamper!

Emma Pond