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With love pamper

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Send some skincare love to someone who needs it with this limited edition hamper.

We can all use a little extra love right now so let someone know you are thinking of them & their health even if you can’t be with them. I’ve created 4 limited edition hampers to really treat your loved one to a day of divine pampering.

Packaged in a recycled board box with recycled tissue & a handwritten note of your choice



Love, salts, minerals & botanicals have been blended with a combination of heart-opening essential oils & a rose quartz crystal, cleansed under the full moon for deeper connection on a cellular & soul level. The healing benefits of magnesium sulphate are well known with over 70% of us being magnesium deficient so what better way to restore those levels & ease aches & pains than with a long soak in the bath. It has been sustainably extracted from natural deposits, not man-made & processed with care to produce a mindful product. Himalayan Salt, naturally rich in 84 nourishing & skin-replenishing minerals has been sourced from a company that supports the local community.


Body brushing increases circulation, removes dead skin, unclogs pores, aids in detoxification of the lymphatic system & helps reduce cellulite giving you healthy glowing & gorgeous skin. Adding a 2 min dry body brushing ritual to your daily routine not only gives your skin a wonderful tingle but really wakes your skin up for the day!


French Red Clay is full of silica and trace minerals and is used to maintain an even-textured skin, as well as improve skin elasticity (plus it makes the nicest shade of pink without the use of artificial colours!). The scent of this bar comes from Rose Geranium essential oil, which has a very pleasant and uplifting aroma and has been shown to reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin. Sweet almond oil is added for its skin-nourishing benefits as it is high in vitamin E, which helps to keep skin cells healthy and retain moisture. This bar also works beautifully as a face bar.


A soothing blend of organic butter & hemp oil blended with sweet orange to give you an uplifting body bar that provides all-day nourishment for your skin. Divine to use on warm skin straight after your shower for morning rejuvenation & lasting hydration


A balancing pink clay mask calms, soothes skin to promote a radiant & balanced complexion.

Ideal for dry or sensitive skin, including conditions such as acne, pink clay is rich in silica, known to improve skin elasticity & cell renewal. Pink clay draws out any impurities, works to minimise blackheads & promote a radiant and balanced complexion. Coconut milk has high levels of vitamin C to aid in skin elasticity & age spots. Calendula & chamomile flower extracts are packed full of antioxidants to promote skin healing & to soothe inflammation. Aloe vera's anti-inflammatory & analgesic qualities alleviate skin conditions with the polysaccharides found in aloe vera powder encouraging the regeneration of skin tissue.


A calming face & body mist that provides all sorts of lovely benefits to the skin. Kakadu Plum* is native to Australia & has the highest vitamin C content of any fruit in the world. Vitamin C may keep the skin plump by promoting collagen production which decreases as we age. Chamomile contains powerful anti-oxidants including polyphenols & phytochemicals. It may help reduce signs of aging by protecting the skin from free radical damage. Quandong* extract a native to Australia, is high in vitamin C, folate & magnesium which reduces skin redness & dark undereye circles. Combined they make a calming toner to brighten skin tone & leave your skin plump & luscious.


Created to honour your skin daily. Organic Rosehip & cold-pressed Jojoba oil are mindfully blended with pro-aging essential oils to assist & improve skin elasticity, cell renewal & repair. Rose absolute & Frankincense oils are ideal to soothe, hydrate & calm dry or sensitive skin. Carrot seed oil is high in antioxidants making it a wonderful pro-aging skin lover & Ylang Ylang is with healing powerhouse, boosting the regenerative process of the epidermis. Absorbs quickly into your skin leaving it rejuvenated & silky smooth & is perfect for all skin types. Housed in a reusable amber bottle to protect its precious oils.

NATURAL SHOWER PUFF - differs from photo

The shower puff gives a lovely foamy cleanse which is often what we are after with plastic ones.
It gently exfoliates skin & is home-compostable at the end of its life. Replenishing your skin's barrier and removing dead skin cells is very important for healthy glowing skin. It gives the underlayers a chance to absorb the products you apply after cleansing. It comes with a handy small loop to hang after use.
A perfect travel companion & can be popped in the washing machine to freshen it up

100% Plant Based

Toxin-free + nasty stuff free

Earth Friendly Packaging

Home compostable/recyclable tubes. Reusable/recyclable glass. Infinitely recyclable aluminium tins

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Not tested on animals - only family + friends

Wondering about Wanderlightly?

Wondering about Wanderlightly?

See what our customers have to say >>>

I've tried many varieties of skin moisturisers in my long life. This product is the only body bar that is able to eliminate the dryness and scale on my legs and arms. I've been using it after my bath every night. My skin just drinks it up.

Janice Morrell


Smells so good, and is the only bicarbonate free and plastic free deodorant that has worked for me. My only issue is that it melts really quickly, but it can be avoided by just keeping it out of the sun. Luna is the BEST!!



I couldn't wait to use the Rejuvenate when it arrived. I wanted to see if it worked. It's working! With summer on its way my mature skin needed all the help it could get with coping with the harsh summer ahead. I'm glad I've bought 2 of this product. My face just drinks up the Rejuvenate.

Janice Morrell


I tie my hair up a lot, am in the water regularly and live a 'salty-seadog' lifestyle, so my hair gets a bit of a battering. This is great for giving the ends a bit of love and care. Thank you for all you create and all that you do x



Perfect to use in place of shampoo bottles. Have found other bars drying but this has a nice conditioning element to it. Don't need to use much to get a nice lather & find I can get away with one wash twice a week.

Cindi Clarke


Lovely self care number which was perfect to use while soaking in the bath. The Cacao smells so good & my skin felt lovely & clean afterwards. Thanks for the pamper!

Emma Pond